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MOSCOW, RUSSIA – Lloyds Energy Ltd has signed a collaboration agreement with Gazprom avtomatizatsiya PJSC, for the Development of the Nearshore Floating Liquefied Natural Gas (NSFLNG) Barges in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation..

The collaboration agreement provides the “green light” for the beginning of the necessary actions involved in the construction of the NSFLNG. This step reflects the importance of cooperation and coordination between the two parties on international indicators. It is based on their keenness to enhance and strengthen their relations through the establishment of a partnership agreement that maximizes the potential of their expertise and capabilities to develop NSFLNG in the Russian Federation.

The parties seek to organize joint activities to search for investors and customers to deliver the projects for design, construction, commissioning and start‐up of nearshore floating liquefied natural gas production barges and associated onshore facilities in the Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation.