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Near Shore FLNG

Lloyds Energy’s primary objective is the efficient supply of LNG to the global market to meet the ever growing demand for energy. Lloyds Energy’s contribution in meeting this demand is in utilising a Near Shore FLNG concept with gas supplied from an existing pipeline infrastructure.

Near Shore FLNG (NSFLNG) refers to the floating liquefaction of natural gas.  LNG is stored onboard or in a nearby Floating Storage Unit (FSU) for export via LNGC to global markets.

The design is based on a generic concept for global application with specific design detail influenced by individual location requirements.

Gas reception, including metering, is located on-shore together with administration and support facilities. Utilities for the onshore facilities are stand alone.

All LNG processing facilities, together with the associated utilities and power generation are located on a Near Shore FLNG. LNG storage is in the barge hull and loading will be via a separate LNG carrier berth at the end of the jetty.

Significantly, in this design application there is reduced complexity. This promotes the following advantages:

Near Shore FLNG Barge

  • No Turret or deep sea Mooring System
  • No swivel
  • No thrusters
  • No living accommodation
  • No helideck

Economies of scale and optimised costs are realised due to:

  • Standardised design/global application
  • Repeatability
  • Standardisation of equipment and spares, processes and procedures
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