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Repsol bunkers Torghatten Nord's LNG ferries
Image courtesy of Repsol

Spanish energy giant Repsol, on Monday, said it carried four LNG bunkering operations at the ports of Cartagena and Ferrol during the current month. 

Repsol noted the operations are a part of its efforts to develop the LNG as a marine fuel supply business through both short and long-term contracts.

The company said in its statement that in the last five years it has supplied around 2,500 cubic meters of LNG to 13 different vessels.

The latest operation included Torghatten Nord vessels, Huftarøy and Samnøy, en route to Norway from the Turkish Tersan Shipyard.

Repsol said it supplied 215 cubic meters in Cartagena and 180 cubic meters in Ferrol to both vessels.

The operation was managed by Repsol and developed in collaboration with Enagás, Reganosa, the Port Authorities of Cartagena and Ferrol, Molgas, and Redwise Maritime Services, which is managing these ships’ journey from the shipyard.

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