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Lloyds Energy has developed the receiving terminals arm of its business to enhance its integrated business model. Options include FSRU’s and FSRP’s.
Main Components include:
  • Floating regasification and/or power plant moored to a fixed jetty
  • Gas and steam turbine generators with capacity upwards of 800MW
  • LNG storage (repurposed tanker)
  • Connection to local power infrastructure (power lines and/or gas main)
  • Marine Berths for LNG Carrier loading/unloading and bunkering
Key Features and Benefits:
  • As per floating liquefaction hubs, the design is simple and uses proven technology. Construction of all floating components is completed in a shipyard environment with factory economics and risk profile
  • Highly flexible design can supply LNG, gas or power depending on local requirements and opportunities over time
  • Reliable low cost generation with low atmospheric emissions
  • Integrated Gas-2-Wire model allows pricing and tax efficiency
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