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Environmental Protection

Natural gas (methane) is the cleanest fossil fuel, producing less carbon dioxide per joule delivered than either coal or oil and has significantly fewer pollutants than other hydrocarbon fuels.

LNG is liquid natural gas which has been super-cooled to -162°C and changed from gas to liquid. When in a liquid form, natural gas can be shipped long distances safely and economically in specially designed ships with insulated storage tanks. Liquefied Natural Gas is widely recognized as an environmentally friendly fuel source; and unlike other fossil fuels, it is non-carcinogenic and non-toxic. Because it is lighter than air, LNG dissipates quickly and has shown to pose little threat to marine life when transported. Prior to liquefication, impurities such as sulfur, carbon dioxide, mercury and water are removed from natural gas and safely disposed of. This creates a product that is clean burning and safe for the environment. On average, LNG particle emissions are near zero. When compared to other fossil fuels, CO2 emissions are reduced by 70 percent. Lloyds Energy is committed to paying special attention to preventive measures. Environmental aspects are taken into account in the designing of our production facilities. Cutting-edge technology and equipment are used to considerably reduce the adverse environmental impact and risk of environmental accidents and our safety processes exceed and comply with the most stringent international government regulations, ensuring a clean fuel source and security for our neighbors and our communities.

Health & Safety

Our Safety Values work in tandem to guide us to our continuous goal of operational excellence with zero incidents. Safety is a core business value at Lloyds Energy and is part of everything we do. We consider Health & Safety as a key element for sustainable business and this is fully integrated throughout our value chain. Continuously improved Health & Safety awareness and culture brings us one step closer to operational excellence. Our long-term aim is zero injuries. Lloyds Energy is committed to support sustainable growth by attaching the greatest importance to the quality of its equipment and activities, the safety of its personnel and the protection of the environment. Our corporate policy on Health, Safety, Environment and Quality is based on important elements of social responsibility and sustainability. Continuous Improvement and Risk Management are embedded in our operations to safeguard our stakeholders from unacceptable risk.

Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a key area of our global business strategy. We are continuously conscious of our corporate responsibility as an employer, customer and as a contributor to business society and local communities. Lloyds Energy endeavors to support sustainable growth by attaching the greatest importance to the quality and safety of its personnel, its equipment, the health and well being of its personnel and the protection of the environment. Lloyds Energy considers compliance, respect for the environment and contribution to society as basic obligations of any company and every citizen. Beyond these basic obligations, Lloyds Energy strives to make durable choices in its business investments, not aiming at short term profit, but rather looking for long term shareholders value and shared value for all its stakeholders. At Lloyds Energy we invest our time, energy and resources to make a difference in the quality of life of our neighbors. Lloyds Energy is committed to leaving a positive footprint on the communities where we live and work. We believe that education and medical care are the foundations of a strong community, so we continuously look for ways to enhance educational opportunities for individuals and work with local leaders and national organizations to identify high-impact areas for support.
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