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Singapore terminal fit for small-scale LNG carriers
Image courtesy of Singapore LNG

Singapore LNG has modified its secondary jetty at Singapore’s liquefied natural gas terminal on Jurong Island readying the facility for small-scale operations.

SLNG said on Friday that it is now able to receive and reload small LNG ships of between 2,000 cubic meters and 10,000 cubic meters in capacity.

This new small-scale LNG (SSLNG) facility will help spur the supply of LNG to isolated power plants in remote areas in the region, and delivery LNG as bunker fuel to ships in the Port of Singapore, the owner and operator of the facility said in its statement.

The secondary jetty was originally designed to accommodate LNG ships of 60,000 cubic meters to 265,000 cubic meters in size.

In June 2017, SLNG performed a gas-up/cool-down and reload operation for the 6,500 cubic meter LNG bunker vessel Cardissa. Following the completed operation, SLNG took the initiative to begin modification works to its secondary jetty so that even smaller LNG ships could reload at the terminal.

The modifications include the installation of a new marine loading arm and gangway and new facilities for securing small LNG ships at the jetty.

Sandeep Mahawar, SLNG’s interim CEO and VP of commercial, said, “We believe that there is good potential for the small-scale LNG market to flourish in this part of the world, and the timely completion of the SSLNG facility is an important step forward in SLNG’s efforts to support this growth.

As demand builds and there is a viable business case, SLNG may consider installing topsides at its Tertiary Jetty to accommodate more SSLNG reloads,” Mahawar said.